International Enrolments

How to Enrol

We accept only small numbers of international students at any one time.  

We need the following to process an enrolment application:

  1. A completed enrolment form.
  2. A copy of the child's passport.  We also need to sight the original and copy the date of entry stamp into NZ.
  3. A copy of the child's birth certificate in English
  4. A copy of the parents passport with their signature page included.
  5. A copy of the child's immunisation records in English.
  6. A tuition agreement signed by the parent.
  7. A refund policy signed by the parent.
  8. A online learing at KNS:  Responsible Use Agreement.
  9. A trips permission form signed by the parents

These documents should be emailed to Please see below to view our fee schedule.

Once an offer has been issued we require a copy of the insurance documents for the child during the stay in New Zealand. If the student is not being accompanied by a parent, we will also require written confirmation of the plan for handing over care of the student once the enrolment ends.