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Learning @ Home

Online tools we use
at/for school

(mainly apple as Ipads at school)

  • SeeSaw

  • Google Tools

  • Education Perfect (Te Reo)

  • Maths Slide 

  • ​Kahoot

  • Scratch Junior

Tupu Apps:




Team's pages incl

teachers' emails:



Link to all teaching staff.

Online safety information for parents
can be found
(MOE and Network 4 Learning)


Other Information / Resources

From the Library Desk:

Become a Wellington City Library member to access many e-resources including audiobooks and movies:

You can join now online to access their e-Library resources for children.

Tips for students learning at home

Establish Routines.

It can be helpful to keep to a schedule and your family can help with that. This way you have a balance and everyone in the house is taken care of. By setting aside the same time each day you can stay on-track and we all need rest, too, so if your family decides to do something different altogether, that is fine too.

Find a good work space.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. It can be helpful to sit near someone else who is working in a focussed way.  If you have siblings, agree who can access technology when, before everyone starts their day. 

Check for messages from your teacher.

Start your day by checking your email, seesaw, google classroom, etc. Try not to get overwhelmed by emails and messages. Switch off any automatic notifications like the incoming email bing that might distract you.

Make time for quiet and reflection.

Everyone needs down time to reflect and relax. This lockdown may be difficult in unexpected ways. Talk to someone if you are feeling overwhelmed.



Exercise not only makes you healthier, it can make you happier and help you concentrate. Put time aside each day to move around.   

Use Tech as a Tool - don’t spend your whole day in front of a device

It’s easy to get distracted by games or YouTube. Make sure to use it as a tool, not just a source of entertainment.  

Remember to be kind when you chat or post anything.

Take extra care to be kind and respectful on chat and commenting. On digital platforms it is difficult for others to read your tone, and comments and posts made in the heat of the moment live for far longer than words spoken in person. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, reach out to a trusted adult for help.  Be kind and caring.  

Interesting and Fun Sites
Learning at Home.jpg

If children and whānau are interested in other curriculum content, some excellent resources have been developed by the Ministry of Education, and can be found here


TV learning resources can be accessed through TVNZ

maori television.png

A series of programme content with a focus on entertaining and education Kura Tuatahi audiences.


For those keen animal lovers. Check out the little video clips and photos the Zoo team posts regularly on their facebook site.


Wellington City Library Kids Page

Not yet a Public City Library member: 

You can join online here.

story linelogo_2x.png

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Daytime Emmy®-nominated and award-winning children’s literacy website, Storyline Online®, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. 


Tales from Te Papa - This teaching resource features 120 Tales from Te Papa, that showcase many of the unique pieces that Te Papa holds in trust for the nation.

kelly club wide.jpg

Kelly Club Home Activities


Nanagirl - Free Science Videos


Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland:

We are bringing the best of MOTAT to your place. Every day we will share new activities, stories, puzzles, games, videos, all the good stuff! 


21 Home Science Experiments

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