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Enrolling at Kelburn Normal School

For New Entrants

The Tupu Team provide Kelburn Normal School children with the best possible start to their school career. We deliver opportunities to encourage the development of problem solving skills, the taking of appropriate risks in learning, the growth of strong peer relationships and help to generate a love of learning.

We take pride in what we offer:

  • Reading, writing, language, mathematics, visual and performing arts, science, social studies, technology, physical education, and basic Te Reo.

  • A smooth transition to school.

  • New Entrant Chit-Chat sessions each term to share with parents the class programme and issues.

  • A secure staff and friendly environment with emphasis on being thoughtful, of needs of others and to be kind and to care for others.

  • Regular monitoring of pupils and feedback to parents through regular and informative goal setting sessions, reports and two way interviews.

  • Parent involvement in classroom programmes.

  • A team approach caring for your child and their family throughout their time in the junior school area.

  • Co-operative and caring team teacher approach.

  • Regular togetherness as a junior school department with assemblies, buddy class, class sharing to promote an attitude of belonging.

We take your child on board in all aspects - social, academic and emotional well-being. You and your child are welcome to contact us to arrange a series of introductory visits prior to your child turning five. Please contact the school office one month before your child starts school to arrange these visits.

What is enrolment?

Enrolment is the official procedure of registering your child into the New Zealand education system, and into Kelburn Normal School, and gives us an opportunity to welcome your family into our school community.

When do I enrol my child?

It is very important to us to have an accurate record of the pre-schoolers living inside our school zone. These numbers assist us to accurately predict the number of teachers we need to cater for the number of new enrolments. Even if you are unsure if your child will start school with us please inform the school office that you have a pre-schooler living in the school zone. The sooner the better.

Enrolment process

We'd love to hear from you
Check if you are in-zone

View the school home zone map. Please contact our Enrolment Officer for information on out-of zone places.

Complete an application

To enrol your child/ren requires the completion of an enrolment form for each child.

You will also be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Parents of five year-olds and children new to New Zealand must bring their child’s birth certificate or passport to verify their date of birth and visa status.

  • Parents enrolling five year-old New Zealand residents will be required to provide a copy of their child’s immunisation record, a copy of which should be available from your GP.  

  • Proof of your residential address such as a utility invoice.

  • Names, addresses and contact numbers of emergency contacts will also be required. These contacts are trusted family members/friends who can be contacted if the school is unable to contact the child’s principal caregivers in an emergency (e.g. illness or injury).

For a New Entrants enrolment, please also complete the Early Childhood Education Information form.

First Day

On your child’s first day of school, please go to the school office. You and your child will be taken to the appropriate classroom.

In the case of students who have never been enrolled before, an Enrolment Record will be started for the student, and in the case of other students, the Enrolment Record will be requested from the student’s previous school.

Meet with the Principal

Bring your child with you to this appointment if possible. For New Entrant enrolments, arrangements will be made for pre-enrolment visits once an enrolment application has been accepted.

Phone or email the school and indicate your interest in enrolling your child. Ask to speak to the enrolment officer who will make an appointment for you to see the the Principal or the Deputy Principal.

For any related documents please click here.​
Term Dates  2021

Term 1 - Thursday 4 February – Friday 16 April

Teacher Only Day: Thursday 1 April

NZ school holiday: Easter Tuesday – 6 April

Term 2 - Monday 3 May – Friday 9 July

Teacher Only Day: Friday 4 June

(just before Queen's Birthday)

Term 3 - Monday 26 July – Friday 1 October

Term 4 - Monday 18 October – Thursday 16 December

Teacher Only Day: Tuesday 26 October

(just after Labour weekend)

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