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Te Ara Whanake

Welcome to Te Ara Whanake!
We are the Year 3 and 4 team
at Kelburn Normal School,
and we think this is an exciting place to be a learner!

In Whanake, our learners are starting to become more confident and self-aware of themselves as a learner. Our children continue to learn how to operate as part of a group while at the same time developing more independent learning skills. 


Whanake tamariki mostly range in age from 7 to 8 years old, and, while generally we work within level two of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC), every child is at different stages of their learning journey.  So we may delve into the advanced range of level one of the NZ Curriculum, right through to the beginning range of level three.


All aspects of learning in the Whanake team is framed within the context of growing our understanding of, and applying the Key Competencies of Thinking and Using Language, Relating to others, Managing self and Participating and Contributing in all that we do. Our children experience throughout the year, a wide exposure to the NZC at level two, with strong emphasis on numeracy and literacy learning. We also investigate the curriculum areas of science, social science and technology, the arts, health and physical education, digital technology and languages such as te reo Māori and Mandarin in fun, exciting and innovative ways.


Whanake children learning

In Whanake, the teachers acknowledge that many of our students lead very rich and busy lives outside of school. For this reason we have a low-key approach to home learning. Home learning consists each week of learning spelling words from the essential word list, reading at home, and learning mathematics basic facts (using the maths buddy platform).

Kia ora; Talofa lava; Greetings; Malo e Lelei; 

Kia orana; Bonjour; Nĭ hăo; 

Hallo; Hola; Kon'nichiwa; Namaste; Salaam


from the Whanake team!

We are so glad to have you with us!

Whanake Team

Teacher Photo
Greta de Vries

Whanake Team Leader

Whanake de Vries Teacher

Year 3/4

Teacher Photo
Joelle Clark

Whanake Clark Teacher

Year 3/4

Teacher Photo
Kayleigh Peach

Whanake Peach Teacher

Year 3/4

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Team Newsletter

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Whanake Term 4 2020

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