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Principal's Welcome

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At Kelburn Normal School excellence is encouraged and achieved. We are a long established school that began in 1914 and has many fine traditions and a well defined community culture. This history gives us strength and stability and means we can be very clear about what we can offer. We place huge emphasis on manaakitanga where we all work together to create a successful and shared sense of our community and culture.

Our students learn in creative, well structured surroundings. As the needs of society are changing we must change too, and Kelburn has a reputation of working consistently on initiatives to better prepare its students for life in the Twenty First Century. We rebuilt the school in 2018 and the new building design and new play spaces have created an environment where our children and staff are flourishing.

We, at Kelburn Normal, look to the future with enthusiasm. Our teaching and learning programmes are of the highest order and our students' results and our well respected arts programmes speak for themselves.

Success at primary school depends on the crucial three-way partnership between the school, each student and their parents/caregivers. I recognise that when you send your child to Kelburn Normal the responsibility rests on the school to ensure that your child receives quality teaching. But your enthusiasm and support for education will be a vital aspect in determining your child's goals and aspirations at school.

The Normal School status refers to the fact that Kelburn provides on-going assistance and guidance in teacher training. As such, our staff are excellent practitioners, skilled in the delivery of teaching programmes and are leaders within the profession. During their school years they are cared for in a values based, caring, family environment, but are also encouraged to set goals and to reach for the stars. High academic standards are advocated and achieved at Kelburn Normal.

We would love to have your child at our place. If you would like to visit Kelburn Normal School, please make an appointment and take time to look around the school. You will be made most welcome.


Andrew Bird

Principal / Tumuaki

Kelburn Normal School

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