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Lyrica Choir

Performing Arts Groups

Details for private music lesson contacts - see below



Kelburn Normal School is well known for the quality of its choral groups. The school operates three choirs and they are well populated.

Tui Choir

This is our junior school choir and is led by Ali Laing.
9.00 to 9.30am on Wednesdays


This is an all-comers choir for children who love to sing. No audition is necessary and this is for children from year 3 upwards. This is led by TBC and Rebekah Rasmussen.
8.30 to 9.30 am on Wednesdays


This is an auditioned choir of for children from year 5 up. Auditions are held at the beginning of each year. Many children aspire to be in Lyrica choir as it has an excellent reputation around Wellington Central and is often invited to perform at community events. Lyrica tackles demanding songs and arrangements and is led by TBC and Libya Munn.
8.30 to 9.30am on Thursdays

Piccolo Choir 2017
Lyrica Choir 2020
School Orchestra 2020

Orchestra and Instrumental Groups


Kelburn Normal School has a school orchestra led by Katharina Vautier and Rachel Smith.

It is well regarded.

8.30 to 9.30am on Tuesdays

Xylofun, our Xylophone/percussion ensemble,

for our year 4 to 6 students led by Katharina Vautier.

8.30 to 9.30am on Mondays


Little Xylofun

for our Year 2 and 3 students led by Katharina Vautier.

8.30 to 9.00am on Fridays

In addition to the orchestra, specialist  music teachers provide music lessons for individual children and/or groups before, during and after school. The school administers the programme, however, parents and tutors make a private agreement for the lessons. The music teachers work in with the school's music programme, so that students can play and sing in school ensembles. All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced, both as performers and teachers.

For teachers contact details please see below.

Little Xylofun group
Kapa Haka Senior group 2020

Kapa Haka


Kelburn has an active kapa haka programme. It is an integral part of our school and all children are welcome to be part of this.  The kapa haka perform regularly on behalf of the school at assemblies, events, and powhiri.

On Tuesday tamariki from year 1-4 engage with Jeremy to introduce and develop our youngest students with Kapa Haka.

Our oldest tamariki (Year 4-8) work with Henare and Emma Murdoch to fine tune their performance as well as learn new korero, waiata, rakau, haka.

8.30 to 9:30am on Fridays

Drama Club

Drama Club is a group for year 7 and 8 students who want to develop their speaking and drama skills, and enjoy improvising. Over the year, students devise works and present performances, as well as taking part in the Shakespeare Globe Center of New Zealand's Primarily Playing Shakespeare event. 

8.30 to 9:30am on Mondays 

Drama Club participating at shakespeare festival
School Band at outside concert


Kelburn has four bands where our year 5 to 8 children learn how to play together, develop their musicianship and skills. The bands are part of the school's instrumental learning scheme and are taken by two of our music teachers, Jeremy Desmond and Tristan Carter. Auditions are held at the beginning of each year as spaces are limited. The bands perform for school each term. Once a year one band is also selected to take part in the primary and intermediate school Rock Quest.

Times as agreed with the teachers.

Private Music Lessons

Our music teachers arrange their schedules at the beginning of each year. We advise you to contact them at the end of the previous year. If you have any queries about which instrument might be suitable for your child, please contact Danielle Sanders.

Jeremy Desmond
027 303 3484
John Rae
0273 110425
Justin Clarke
Guitar / Ukulele / BanjoTheory / other plucked instruments
021 033 1926
Kamala Bain
Recorder / Flute
027 218 1650
Margaret Guldborg
021 268 9567
Mark Cookson
Clarinet / Saxophone / Flute
022 4242 846
Martin Ryman
Piano / Chamber Music
027 304 8250
Nicole Chao
021 293 5181
Singing / Piano
Tristan Carter
Violin / Composition
027 338 2663
private music lesson contacts
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