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Sports at KNS

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We value being an active school and every child takes part in physical education, sports and games to the level that suits them. All children at all levels can participate in a physical activity as described below. 

In addition to regular class physical education, a number of sports and physical activities are offered during the day or after school. The running of these activities varies, depending on how many children are keen to participate and whether there are teachers and parents available to coach or coordinate them. During the week day we rely heavily on parents to support external sporting opportunities for the children with transport and supervision.

Information about the various activities is communicated to the children and in the school newsletter. Participation is on a first-in-first-served basis and it is up to the individual child to show organisational skills to get themselves to the activities. School labelled clothing is available for purchase from the school office. Costs vary, depending on the activity.

For further information regarding these opportunities, contact our sports coordinator Sophie Bishop, or the parent coordinator noted below:


The children have swimming lessons using local community pools. These are blocked in during the year and children travel to and from the pools by bus. You will be advised when these occur. We have a whole school swim sports annually. Our Yrs 4-8 swim team competes in Western Zones and children qualify for the Inter-Zone competitions.

Western Zones

Yrs 4-8 compete in a range of sports at Western Zones competitions. Many individuals or teams go on to compete at a regional level. Competition dates and venues will be advertised in the newsletter. Sports include:

  • Athletics

  • Cross Country

  • Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Netball

  • Hockey

Children at Netball Western Zones competition
Children running at Athletics Day
Western Zone Footsie

Year 2-4 Future Ferns training introduces players to ball skills and netball basics- this is going to be run in Term 1 on Sundays 10-11am. If you would like to help with this please get in touch. 

Year 3/4 to 8 play Winter netball and this is held in Karori at Marsden on Saturday mornings in Term 2 and 3.

Year 7/8 have a selection process to get the players into teams at the beginning of the season. 


Summer netball is run through Kelly Sports (see below) on Friday afternoons (terms 4 and 1) - this is not run by the club but many of the players play in both summer and winter netball.

Kelly Sports

Yrs 1-4, external provider, offering an introduction to a range of sports (onsite at school). Please refer to the newsletters for update information or the website below.

Kelly Sports also operate a summer series of sports and sports school holiday programmes.


Kelly Sports

ph 04 972 7201

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