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                         KNS Book Week - next week  - 14-18 November 2022  



KNS Book Week is coming up next week.

On Wednesday 16 November we will be having a school-wide book character parade

Dress as a character from one of your favourite books! Win a prize.

From 7 - 17 November everyone can participate in our Create a 3D bookcover competition - Click here for details This can be made from food e.g. cake, in Minecraft, a box creation, lego etc. As long as it is clearly in 3D and a bookcover, you can create anything.


all the fun activities that will be happening throughout the week

- click on the photo                                              Any questions email

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Currently the school has a well resourced library. Our library collections are distributed through out the building and a self-issuing process is used for Whānui and Māia students. Many of the library tasks are managed by our senior students, which gives children full access to our library resources at all times, and allows our older children to grow by contributing and serving the school community. Children from Tupu borrow books once a week with their team to to take home. For our older children the library collection is always available to search for information or exchange books to read.

Our librarians are trained and help out classes and help during lunch time or in the morning to ensure our library collections are always in good order for everyone to use.

Kelburn Normal School - Library Team:
  • Katharina Vautier, Library (TA)

  • Andrea Molloy, Teacher Tupu

  • Joelle Clark, Teacher Whanake/Library Teacher

  • Rebekah Rasmussen, Teacher Whānui

  • Libya Munn, Teacher Māia

  • Danielle Sanders, Deputy Principal

Our library website:  













Our library email:

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