PTA News November 2017

Fri 24 Nov 2017
All Syndicates

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the warm weather we are experiencing. It's been great to have the signs of summer and awesome for the building project.

In this news update, we have the following

  • Talent Quest
  • Road Patrol PTA Support
  • Committee update
  • Book Sales

Talent Quest - 28th of November next Tuesday

Next Tuesday the 28th of November is the annual Talent Quest which is being supported by the management team on staff, thankyou Charles and Danielle. The children are aware of how they are meant to be auditioning and letting the staff know they would like to do an item.

It's busy at school for everyone which is why it is on Tuesday, and we are lucky to have access to the hall again, which is why we had to wait as it was hard to pinpoint a date.

Parent help on the night is providing food drink and baking, for the dinner break please volunteer to help with this to me directly via email or text. OR 021-116-1778

We need help

  1. to serve
  2. set up the BBQ and cook
  3. make drinks
  4. make the food

We will start about an hour before the Talent Quest starts.

Road Patrol and Road Safety Update

Every year the PTA supports the school by topping up about $3,000 to $5,000 per term, for support staff to do the top road (Upland Road) crossing. This is what some of our fundraisings goes towards. This covers the shortfall of volunteers that we don't have to do road patrol. It is a really worthwhile contribution to volunteer to do Road Patrol. It's a great way to support the kids, particularly your child if you are able to and it gives you an appreciation of the action on the road, that they are dealing with.

Another way to support Road Safety is to consider organising in your street a walking school bus it cuts down cars around the school and is a great way to get in some extra steps. If there are enough of you able to do it you may only have to go once a week.

Please volunteer today to take on a morning or afternoon of road patrol.

Committee Group

We are formulating a core committee group, for next year and need representation from the syndicates. This core group will comprise of the president, the secretary and the treasurer as signatories for the finances and as well if possible 2 volunteers from each syndicate group.

Next year the seniors are happy to support new folk and we are working on a new system of action to cut down meetings the ever fear of being given a job, and being as supportive to the staff and children in the school community as we can.

Next week we will have a meeting on Thursday night and drinks. Nothing too serious. It’s also an end of year get together for the parents who are leaving Kelburn and a great opportunity to meet each other and learn more in a social setting venue/home to be confirmed, probably Fairview Crescent.

If everyone can lend their heads to the list below this is to date the core groups the PTA fund and support for this to continue they will need to have more parents volunteer to be their champions and speak up and support them with the core committee.

They are as follows:

  • drama
  • music/singing
  • kapa-haka
  • orchestra
  • gardens
  • play equipment
  • sports support
  • road patrol
  • reading/books
  • remedial/extension programmes
  • Information technology

Each group will support itself with contribution to the core committee which will interact with the board and staff mostly with regard to communication and fundraising.

Our finances are healthy and are able to still fund activities as needed but as we all know until we move to the new building best to keep saving for a wee blow out next year.

Book sales for Fundraising

We have the Centenary Book still for sale great to get a new book for your family or gift. The people that worked on it did an amazing job.

The second book we have on offer is a lovely children's book about the viaduct. This will be available for sale next week in the office and the Talent Quest. Make sure you run your eye over it as proceeds all mount up towards fundraising for the school.


I'd like to thank Andrew and the team for the last 2 weeks of planning and effort that he has made with the support of the staff to present information to the parents about the new learning environment opening next year. It isn't easy and they have been so professional, we are lucky to have progressed in the buildings from 2012 to where we are now. We must remember it has been a team effort to get to where we are now. Not all schools have been as lucky a Kelburn so well in the property/ rebuilding process. Soon we have a beautiful new school building for our children.

I feel remiss that as new families arrive and ask questions it’s the same questions we once asked six years ago. So next week we will try to revisit these parental questions again and revisit information that we have forgotten to share. What I do know is that there are more families in the community than at school currently who have contributed to where we are now. They are driving past and can't believe we got a rebuild it’s amazing and exciting.

Enjoy your weekend

Gwen Sturgeon